A inspiring piece, with a roaring \Choir coupled with a rousing Cathedral Organ


A leading Bassline together with a Choir Vocal and a medium Beat

Fairytail Walk

A simple Harp and Piano making for an enchanting track.


think of a 70s european romantic B movie. Light vocal with a violin melody

Military Walk

A delightful piano melody with a string backing. Again a 70s european movie vibe

A work in progress

A haunting Pan Pipe leading up to a Hard distorted guitar riff a pairing of oposites



Getting ready for war. Drums and Horns slowly building up


A Cinematic theme with rousing Horns. Uplifting and Proud

Dont Stop

Inspired by the Donna Summer smash hit Love to Love you baby. A breathless beat drven track

A haunting Viking TV show inspired track. a Viking call together with his brothers. a low string backing with a funeral bell. Imaging the burning boat drifting on the sea


A sharp lead guitar with a heavy rock chord riff