Opening 2

Ready for war but this time with rousing brahhms and heavy Choirs

Alley cat

A heavy Rock guiter riff with a synth backing


An Cathedral organ based rousing track

Bad Dream

Dark horns and distorted tubular bells give a eerie atmosphere


A Lead guitar driven track with an tip of the hat to Joe Satriani and Stevie Vai


A Cathdral organ with a slowly increasing Choir heading to full awe inspiring finish


A Cinematic Drum and Horn based track. A chase or a Fight

Dark Symphony

Heavy Drums, Deep and high Horns. Think of an ancient army marching to war

The Wail

A lead guitar with Viking chants a rather different track. Enigma but with Balls

Just an ongoing experiment


A quick opening number heavy with Horns with a dulled celeste


A bass guitar together with flute and acoustic guitar to bring a light joyful track